ESL’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league continues to lead all channels, esports or otherwise, with its online competition. Since Twitch rarely speaks about bans, many streamers have been left scratching their heads. Reading Time: 3min read Credit: ESL. s1mple banned from Twitch for homophobic language, again. 53:10. 1:02:10. We’ve reviewed a dozen of the best sportsbooks with best value CS:GO betting markets for your convenience. Watch and chat now with millions of other fans from around the world The latest stats on the esport circuit for CS:GO has seen its concurrent viewership skyrocket over the 1.1 million mark for the recent Boston ELEAGUE Finals event, just beating the already impressive record set last year. LOSER GOES HOME! Korean . Plus, there’s always those digital goodies publishers like Valve give away for watching their tournaments on the platform. 1.38. vs. 2.94. Chaos Dominates as WINNERS League passes halfway point. Detailed viewers statistics of ESL Pro League Season 12 Europe, Europe, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. ESL Pro League Season 13 is an offline Maltese tournament organized by ESL. Team Liquid Fan. So far ESL Pro League action has helped ESL_CSGO generate 3.4M hours watched on Twitch in the first round of the leagues’ three-part format. Many famous teams such as FaZe Clan and Team Liquid also upload their own personal footage on their own channels, which is a great place to see behind the scenes esports content. Starting with the European and North American ESL Pro League Season 7, fans can only find official streams for these events on Facebook, though you don’t need an account there to watch. We have a passion for esports. Twitch is the main platform for esports viewing because it’s got HD streams, thousands of legacy clips for fans to catch up on at any time, and you can interact with the esports community while watching the same broadcast effortlessly. With YT’s ease of … Ongoing. Watching live-streams is free on all popular platforms, making it possible for casual or hardcore fans to tune in without cost of entry. Nov 7, 2020 . All CS:GO Pro League streams are available to watch in full 1080p resolution and 60fps on Facebook, and you can even choose to watch live-streams in a virtual reality headset such as HTC Vive and Oculus Rift in the near future. Nov 4, 2020. RAGE Shadowverse Pro League 20-21 . 1.23. vs. 3.97. Live-streams and replays for other league or tournaments that are not ESL-branded can be found, as normal, on other sites. Year-round, CS:GO is one of the most popular and most watched esports on Twitch and other live-streaming sites. CS:GO. 24.11.20 - 24.01.21. April 1, 2020. Users in Chat. CS:GO - Evil Geniuses vs. Gen.G [Inferno] Map 2 - ESL Pro League Season 12 - Group Stage - NA . ESL and a few others upload live-streams from time to time, but YT is best to watch the extras, such as exclusive interviews and commentary roundtables, as well as past videos. FPSThailand CS:GO Pro League Season #5 is an online Thai tournament organized by Twitch and FPSThailand. CS:GO Pro League is the biggest tournament held every year, run and organized by Electronic Sports League who have an exclusive broadcast deal with Facebook. For comparison, the first stage in the most recent Major pulled 5.91M hours watched. This S-Tier tournament took place from Oct 02 to Nov 14 2018 featuring 14 teams competing over a total prize pool of $105,000 USD. Want to place a real money bet on your favourite CS:GO team to win before or while watching the action? While the CS:GO Pro League is the main competition to watch year-round, there are plenty of other Majors, Minors and Qualifiers broadcast over the Internet and available to binge-watch if you can’t get enough of the CS:GO competitive circuit. No event can match the sort of viewership a CS:GO Major produces on Twitch , but outside of this year’s first Major, Intel Extreme Masters XIII Katowice which was played from Feb. 13-March 3, only two other days in the year have had more CS:GO viewership than the final day of ESL Pro League Season 9.. ESL Pro League Season 9 - Finals is an offline French tournament organized by ESL and ESEA. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive | 44 views | 17 hours ago. 13. This S-Tier tournament will take place from Mar 10 to Apr 18 2021 featuring 24 teams competing over a total prize pool of $750,000 USD. RECENT ACTIVITY. The Twitch Rivals CS:GO Showdown tournament is a three-day event featuring Twitch content creators in some CS:GO esports action. Chinese. Company news . Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has been banned from Twitch again. Brazilian Twitch streamer and female Valorant pro Tayhuhu has received an indefinite ban from Twitch after her 3-year-old daughter showed up on her stream and interacted with the chat.. During her last livestream, Tayhuhu went away for a few minutes to grab the food she had ordered when her daughter came in and interacted with the Twitch chat. ESL, ELEAGUE, Dreamhack and many other community esports enthusiasts groups collate CS:GO tournament footage and upload it to YouTube. Due to the ongoing global health dynamics, ESL Pro League Season 12 will be hosted online in five regional divisions across the globe. On April 28th, 2015, ESL announced a joint venture with ESEA to provide a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league with $1,000,000 USD in total prize money for its first two seasons in 2015. Credit: ESL. Twitch Prime for CSGO. Check out their videos, sign up to chat, and join their community. PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season 0 . How does the viewer interest in LoL, Dota 2 and CS:GO change based on the time of day? Because Valve sponsors rather than hosts its own CS:GO events, there is an overwhelming number of third-party organizers like Electronic Sports League running CS:GO tournaments of varying tiers in multiple regions. Browse. TWITCH RIVALS CSGO ???? ESL have multiple CS:GO Twitch channels where anyone can tune watch VODs (Video on Demand) of past events with ease. Catch up on their Counter-Strike: Global Offensive VOD now. live-streaming sites like, and YouTube, Electronic Sports League announced Facebook will be their main broadcast partner for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League, Esports betting tips & odds – Friday, December 25, Esports betting tips & odds – Thursday, December 24, Esports betting tips & odds – Wednesday, December 23, Esports betting tips & odds – Tuesday, December 22, Esports betting tips & odds – Saturday, December 19. It’s also geo-targeted, meaning you’ll only ever be presented with options that legally cater to users from your country. ESL, ELEAGUE, Dreamhack and many other community esports enthusiasts groups collate CS:GO tournament footage and upload it to YouTube. You can access our verdict, or check out the sites for yourself by clicking on any of the links in the table above. ProLeagueCSGOb streams live on Twitch! The Natus Vincere star is being forced to … ESL_CSGOb. Throughout its 12 seasons, the events are scheduled around Valve's Major tournament system, with offline finals in various locations around the world. I think it would be really cool to have twitch prime integrated into CS. How the move of LOUD has affected Twitch? Esports competitions for League of Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive have seen a big spike in viewers on platforms like Twitch and … View builds, guides, stats, skill orders, runes and masteries from Pros playing Twitch the Plague Rat. How to play AP Twitch in League of Legends. Neymar's ban comes just days after an actual CSGO pro got hit with his fourth ban in two years.Natus Vincere's Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev has been locked out of Twitch on a number of occasions due to his use of homophobic slurs.It does not seem as though Neymar was banned for similar reasons. Három olyan új szót is felvettek a sértések listájára, melyek mára meglehetősen elterjedtek, és tényleg sértésként kezdték el őket használni. 100 Thieves crush FURIA, take last ESL Pro League Finals spot. Gfinity 3 - Day 1. 超負荷 (sam1268) League of Legends. RoV Pro League: The results keep on decreasing. 2 years ago. TOP-5 Horror games on Twitch in 2020. With a whole new item system on top of recent buffs to his ability power ratios, AP Twitch is rising in popularity. Check Twitch's stats: Games Played, Pick Rate, Win Rate, and more. Pause (space/k) Mute (m) Volume. 10.5K viewers. Nov 20, 2019 - Nick Johnson . This makes actually finding out where to watch each event fairly complicated, unless you’re highly involved with the community. CS:GO is one of the few esports to break into the mainstream consciousness, with several television networks in North America running broadcasts of one-off CS:GO tournament events. [1] Initially, the competition only covered European and North American regions, however, in later seasons, it expanded and opened up the opportunity for teams in Asian, Oceanic, and South American regions to participate as well. ESL Pro League (formerly ESL ESEA Pro League) is a venture between ESL and ESEA. Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle ESL TV CSGO FR ! In less than 2 weeks, Twitch Rivals CS:GO Showdown starts with 4 teams and 20 of the best CS:GO esports players and content creators fighting for a $25,000 prize pool. Oct 9, 2020 . CS:GO is the fourth iteration of Valve's team-based modern-military first-person shooter ESL Pro League Season 8 - Europe is an online European tournament organized by ESL and ESEA. Nov 5, 2020. At this point, no one should really be surprised if they hear that legendary Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev is banned on Twitch … Statistics of matches, teams, languages and platforms. Tournaments . 선물줘(배팅안함) 파카9999 (paka9999) League of Legends. Streams ESL Pro League CS:GO Season 12 Season 12, , 09/01 - 10/04/2020. Dec 8, 2020. There's $25,000 in prize money up for grabs, and it's a bit different than your normal CS:GO tournament. NewZoo reported that CS:GO made the top 10 most watched games nearly every single month in 2017, recording around 47.9 million esports hours watched on average. How the move of LOUD has affected Twitch? Discussion. 8.37K viewers. Nov 18, 2020. ESL Pro League Still Going Strong – Top Twitch Channels, March 23 – 29. by Trent Murray. While the CS:GO Pro League has yet to commence, the ESL One events that have streamed on Facebook so far have had decent quality with some minor hiccups, and it’s the only place you can watch the main event for now. LIVE. … In addition, other third-party esports organizers who run CS:GO events, such as ELEAGUE, broadcast their tournaments live on their own Twitch channels year-round. Skip navigation. Sign Up. Ongoing Tournaments Show all . Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle ESL TV CSGO FR ! 243 how tall is Gla1ve ? LIVE. Search. CS:GO Pro S1mple Banned Again From Twitch For the Fourth Time, Defends Himself On Twitter. Dec 4, 2020. Ongoing Recent Upcoming Events series Compare. Teams stats . Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. price for old pc 10 4:3 vs 16:9 90 Worst pro names in csgo? Nov 5, 2020. ^^ 41 karrigan on faze - coldzera 133 Emilia Hult … Nov 5, 2020. Oct 30, 2020 Richard Sebastian 0 comments 450 Credit: SIMPLE - CSGO Highlights. MOBA. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the top 3 live-streamed esports in the world, with hardcore communities and casual fans alike watching the biggest professional tournaments unfold across a variety of different online services. Video length. If you’re unfamiliar with what live-streaming is, it’s just a real-time broadcast of an esports event uploaded to the Internet. Archived. LIVE: FaZe vs OG - ESL Pro League Season 11 - Group C. Esports. CS:GO. The following list are the best live-streaming sites to watch CS:GO Pro League and other tournament events in 2018. Close. Posted by. About []. - FaZe vs Tyloo - ESL Pro League - BEST MOMENTS | CSGO Twitch Prime for CSGO. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Pinterest Tumblr. CS:GO on Twitch – Pro League channel; CS:GO on Twitch – ELEAGUE channel; Watch CS:GO esports on YouTube YouTube is the most casual-friendly way of watching CS:GO esports events, though live-streams aren’t as common. CS:GO - … Mobile esports . cn LIVE! This page was last edited on 11 September 2020, at 12:43. Sep 27, 2020. Nov 19, 2019 - Nick Johnson. PUBG Mobile. Most popular mobile esports teams in SEA. Steven R. November 29, 2019. RERUN offline Huya #479361 cn LIVE offline Huya #479361 cn LIVE! Video length. Many esports betting sites allow customers around the world to do so with ease. SPORT. However, these aren’t as common or high in production value as the main premiers hosted by ESL and other well established leagues, and only with certain cable providers. Action. Esports Charts x … Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. There are also collaborative video features planned which will allow esports fans to watch the live-streams with friends and jump in chat-rooms while watching the same broadcast, though there is no date for when it will be implemented. A Twitch viszont nemrég újabb szigorításokat jelentett be, melyek a felhasználók viselkedését próbálják meg jobban kordában tartani. League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) led a packed … All premium live content and 24/7 re-runs! Browse. You can only watch official live-streams of CS:GO Pro League on the popular social media site. "World’s largest Counter-Strike league to be hosted by ESL and ESEA", Share on Twitter Share on LinkedIn Share on Reddit. Twitch is the world’s leading live streaming platform for gamers and the things we love. ! English. Un an après la DreamHack Masters de Marseille, c'est donc la ville sudiste de Montpellier qui sera la terre d'accueil d'un tournoi majeur de la scène Counter-Strike.En effet, ce mercredi, l'ESL a confirmé que l'Occitanie Esports serait le terrain de jeu de finales de la saison 9 de sa Pro League, avec un événement doté de 750 000 $ et organisé dans la Sud de France Arena. GALLERIES. Thankfully, you do not have to have an account on Facebook to access and watch the streams, with links provided on the official ESL website. The results of MPL PH, MY/SG and MM in November. Twitch analytics . Browse. ESL Pro League CS:GO Season 12 Season 12. From the comfort of home, you can tune into the coverage on computer, smartphone or tablet and watch the action as it unfolds. It will be broadcasted on the Twitch Rivals channel. On April 28th, 2015, ESL announced a joint venture with ESEA to provide a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive league with $1,000,000 USD in total prize money for its first two seasons in 2015. The Electronic Sports League announced Facebook will be their main broadcast partner for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Pro League and other ESL One esport events from this year onward. BLAST Global Finals 25 days BLAST Spring 42 days IEM Katowice Play-In 54 days IEM Katowice 56 days ESL Pro League S13 76 days. You can also watch the uploaded videos of the event after the fact, if you can’t watch it live. This C-Tier tournament took place from Jul 31 to Sep 26 2018 featuring 10 teams competing over a total prize pool of $1,232.34 USD. Get all your world-class ESL Counter-Strike here!! This S-Tier tournament took place from Jun 18 to Jun 23 2019 featuring 16 teams competing over a total prize pool of $600,000 USD. Log In. FW 超負荷 關台前抽PS5. Oct 30, 2020. I think it would a large step forward for CS in a way. Chat. Settings. Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle ESL TV CSGO FR ! Esportz Network is the place to go for the latest global esports news, professional statistics, tournament coverage, and more. With YT’s ease of access across all devices, it’s the easiest way for newer fans to dive into the already six-year long history of CS:GO esports events available to watch on the world’s most popular video-sharing site. This guide is here to help fans who might not be as Internet savvy find the best sources to watch CS:GO esports events. The majority of CS:GO’s competitive tournaments are available to watch online, for free, through live-streaming sites like, and YouTube. The most popular teams of Overwatch League. One thing unique to CS:GO compared to other esports is how hard it is to keep up with all of the different leagues and tournaments. Vision Strikers: Asian streak with no defeat. Discussion. Welcome to the chat room! 28.5M Followers. ESL_CSGOb went live on Twitch. Would love your thoughts, please comment. LIVE: Fnatic Rivalry vs. mousesports - ESL Pro League Season 11 - EU Grand Final ESL Counter-Strike 54,765 watching Live now 10.2K viewers. Theatre Mode (alt+t) Fullscreen (f) Stream Chat . Esports Charts PRO Halloween Sale. LIVE. Twitch categories in November 2020.